The Naples Dinner Theater


The Naples Dinner Theater had been like a Naples' Tradition. But on Easter Sunday, March 30, the Theater closed its doors for the last time. The 349 seat theater was just about "the only show in town" when it opened in October, 1975. It was a gala occasion with good food and quality theater. The show was "George M", that fantastic story of vaudeville in the days of yore.

The Naples movie theater was in a Quonset Hut on 3rd St.but there was little else in Naples in the way of entertainment. Of course, in those days the population of Naples was only about 15,000. There was no Phil. No large hotels---not a thing to serve the interests of entertainment seekers. Not until Julius Fiske came up with the idea of a dinner theater. And when you think of it you might wonder how it ever survived "way out" off Immokalee Road. But survive it did! And prospered!

But times have changed and Mr.Fiske, recovering from surgery, decided that it was time to bring down the curtain. That final performance was special. Appropriately one of the shows was called "Memories". If you were fortunate enough to have been even a small part of the era of The Naples Dinner Theater you'll have memories, too.

Naples owes a debt of gratitude to the Fiskes and all those who made the Theater a success for the past 22 years. History will not forget, nor will we.

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