Squadron Commander ............... Lt. Col. Andrew J. Eliopoulos

Deputy Commander ...................Major Humbert L. Gressani

Public Affairs Officer .................Capt. Radcliffe S. Weaver


The Naples Senior Squadron has 42 volunteer members who donate their time, skills and resources to serve Collier County residents and visitors. No member receives any pay for acting as pilot, observer, commander or for any Squadron activity.

In addition to its daily Sundown Patrol, the Squadron provides other emergency services transporting medical technicians, lifesaving medicines and human organs for transplant. When disaster strikes, such as a hurricane, your Naples Squadron provides communications systems, assistance in locating victims, evacuations assistance and damage assessment. The daily Sundown patrol operates on a route beginning at the Naples Airport and flies north to Ft. Myers Beach, then south to Big Marco Pass, then returns to Naples Airport. From time to time the Naples Squadron extends its operations up the coast. The Squadron also flies special missions called by the Air Force in other areas. Over the years , numerous boaters and aircraft crew members have been found by the Squadron.

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