Sponsored by Collier County Emergency Management
Naples, Florida


Collier County ARES/RACES consists of a corps of dedicated Amateur Radio volunteers
who meet and train regularly to be ready to serve the people of Southwest Florida

New! APRS Ops: Tour the Carnestown ARES/RACES APRS Digipeater site!

2000 Hurricane related radio frequencies

Amateur Radio at the National Hurricane Center

Current Solar Conditions

Solar X-Ray Activity: Status
Geomagnetic Activity: Geomagnetic Field Status

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Collier Co. Hams supporting Mobile Command
KD4VRZ, KD4DZW & K4GP check the SWR on the new 40/75 meter
dipole, built in the field during a Mobile Command Center
training exercise.
Image by Peter Pye, KD4LXZ




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FCC Vanity Callsign Application ONLINE!

Collier County SKYWARN

KG5QD's Proposed APRS Protocol for Weather Information

Online ARES Registration (for Collier County ARES only at this time!)

CCEM home page

More information | Mobile Command Center

FreeNet Information Centers


Miami Hamboree (February 2 - 3, 2002)

Orlando 'Hamcation' (February 9 - 10, 2002)

Sarasota Hamfest (January 2002)

EOC Communications Systems

2 meter repeater, 
controllers, DVR
Voice Repeater - WB2WPA/R 
147.030 (+600)
400 watts ERP
(Use 136.5 Hz CTCSS if in tone access mode)

 443.700 (+5 MHz)
Approximately 300 watts ERP

Both repeaters have an open emergency autopatch, closed user patch
(registered ARES/RACES members only.)
Visitors may request that a member place a call for them. 

COMING SOON (to both repeaters): NOAA Weather Radio Alert Interface


Note: the 2 meter and 70 cm repeaters are normally in standalone configuration.
During emergency activations, scheduled nets and SKYWARN events, the
repeaters are linked. Special courtesy tones indicate
the mode of operation:

"Slow" Triple beep - Normal mode
"Fast" triple beep - Users functions off
CW "N"  ( _ . ) - Net in progress
CW "E" ( . ) - Emergency activation in progress
CW "S" ( . . . ) - SKYWARN net in progress

WD4FFX's EOC Location Information File
ASCII || ASCII (zipped)
Excel file (zipped)


APRS Wide Digipeater/local weather - Naples, FL - WB2WPA-4 - 144.39/10.151 (lsb)

 APRS  Wide Digi - Carnestown, Florida - KG5QD-3 - 144.39
Now 50 watts at 270 feet!

Packet Radio BBS - WB2WPA-5

Home of the WXSVR
KG5QD's "Weather Server" Software, now under development

Packet users' mail address - callsign@wb2wpa.#nap.fl.usa.noam (packet radio ONLY: no internet email!)

Packet Node - ENAP/WB2WPA-2
User access - 145.05

Associated Systems

Packet Cluster/Node N1DL 
User access - 145.07
North Naples

Voice Repeater - K4YHB/R - 146.67 (-600)
400 watts ERP
Sponsored by the Amateur Radio Association of SW Florida
(Repeater open, but 136.5 Hz CTCSS is required)
Latest Club Newsletter (PDF Format)

Voice Repeater - KA2WEU/R 146.985 (-600) - 443.750 (+5)
Both repeaters require 143.5 Hz CTCSS
Sponsored by KA2WEU
Marco Island

Collier County Emergency Net
Dale Huguley KG5QD has taken over as Collier County's ARES EC, after many long years
by Donn Brown W4RAZ.  Our thanks to Donn for his years of service, and for staying
on as an assistant EC...and to Dale for stepping in to the role of EC!

Dale Huguley, KG5QD
ARES Emergency Coordinator,
SKYWARN Coordinator/NCS
Collier County

Listen to Dale's 
WXSVR Presentation at 
DCC 2000

Donn Brown, W4RAZ
Assistant ARES EC
Jordan Mash, WB2QLP
Assistant ARES EC
Gary Randall, KD4VRZ
Assistant ARES EC
Don Mielke, WD4FLY
Net Manager/NCS
Glenn Niesen, KE4KTZ

Net Schedule
(All sessions preceded by 1050 hz alert tone test)

1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Tuesdays at 7 PM local time
WB2WPA/R (Primary) - K4YHB/R (Secondary)

Monthly Meeting

Second Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM at the Collier County EOC,
3301 East Tamiami Trail - Administration Building

Everyone Welcome!

Additional Communications Capabilities 

EOC Primary HF 


2 HF stations - All amateur bands, MARS, one with phone patch 
VHF - 2 meter FM, SSB - 1.3 KW ERP @ 160 feet, omni 
UHF - 70 cm FM - 50 watt ERP @ 140 feet onmi 

COMING SOON: WEFAX, ATV, SSTV, 9600 baud packet, remote receivers, 6 meter FM


Frequencies Monitored 

3940 Southern Florida ARES (Nighttime)
7242 Southern Florida ARES (Daytime)
147.030 FM
443.700 FM
144.200 USB

Mobile Command Center

Collier County ARES/RACES is also a prime support agency
for the state of the art Mobile Command Center
which is capable of supporting emergency operations anywhere it is needed.

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7.251                            7.241 
by Dale Huguley,

© 2002 Board of County Commissioners, Collier County, Florida