The Southwest Florida Private Industry Council, Inc. believes that each individual has a right to reach his/her full economic potential. Limited job skills, and a lack of funds to attain the needed skills often prevent the individual from attaining economic independence. The Southwest Private Industry Council will provide access to the training and support services needed to qualified individuals with little or no economic burden to these individuals.



In 1982 the Federal government passed the Job Training Partnership Act (P.L. 97-300) the purpose of which was to assist states in establishing local job training programs. Each governor was to establish service district areas (SDA's) throughout the state and establish local organizations to administer these training programs responding to local need as outlined by performance standards as established by both the federal government and the state of Florida
In 1984 the Southwest Florida Private Industry Council, Inc. was formed as a 501 (c)(3) organization specifically to act as Administrator and Grant Recipient for the Job Training Partnership Act program for the counties of Glades, Hendry, Charlotte and Collier.

The Board of Directors for the local Private Industry Council consists of a majority of business leaders and key management representatives, with representatives from education, Jobs and Benefits of Florida, Vocational Rehab, organized labor, various community based organizations and the Florida Department of Health and Human Rehabilitative Services.

The role of the Southwest Florida Private Industry Council, Inc. is to establish local employment training programs, to determine the type of training necessary according to local needs, to implement strategies and programs to meet those needs.

The Council has established partnerships and strong links with a wide and varied group of agencies, organizations and businesses within the community . The level of community involvement in our programs is strong. Whether they are providing referrals, training, resources, assistance or advice, people within our district value our services very highly.



The combined population of the four counties we serve is more than 323,000 according to 1993 figures. The overall unemployment rate for this area during 1993-94 was 8.3% giving us an unemployment population of more than 26,900.

The Job Training Partnership Act programs administered by the Southwest Florida Private Industry Council, Inc. provides services to more than 750 individuals annually within its service delivery area. We provide services for those individuals who are economically disadvantaged and are one or more of the following:

Participants are referred to this agency by the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS), local school boards, Jobs and Benefits of Florida and a wide base of community social service agencies. Additionally, many of our clients respond to regularly placed advertisements in the local newspapers. It is part of our role to improve the economic standards and the well being of our clients and communities.

Clients are qualified (according to federal guidelines), tested, assessed, given employability skills training and counselled. From this an individual service strategy is developed that provides a blueprint to help the individual to enter a relevant training program to obtain and retain the appropriate job, thus providing an opportunity to fully participate within our community.

In 1994 we helped more than 750 individuals find meaningful full time career employment and obtain economic independence.



Depending on the assessment our clients are offered one or more of the following choices:

By providing opportunities for employment and meaningful careers we are helping our clients overcome the adversity that they and their families face within their lives and eliminating their dependence on welfare. As a result, taking the family members of our clients into account, the services we offer provide either a direct or an indirect benefit to more than 2,000 disadvantaged people annually. We have been able to do this by linking the variety of resources that exist within the fabric of our own community.



Many of our students are eligible to receive a variety of support services. These include: The majority of our clients cannot afford these services and without them they would not be able to attend classes and the programs become almost pointless.



By supporting the Southwest Florida Private Industry Council you are helping these clients to help themselves. This has direct benefits for the community:



If you feel that you require the services we offer or can offer support through your business or industry, please call one of our offices below:
Collier County Office,
46 Tenth Street South,
Naples, Florida, 33940,
(813) 261-0553
Joseph Paterno

Charlotte County Office
312 Nesbit Street,
Punta Gorda, Florida, 33950,
(813) 637-1311
John Kulick

Hendry-Glades Counties Office,
931 Sugarland Highway,
P.O. Box 596,
Clewiston, Florida, 33440,
(813) 983-6138
Amelia Ayala


The Southwest Florida Private Industry Council is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

For further information call : Joe Paterno (813) 261-0553 or

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