Denis Cloutier and Renee Briere

Denis Cloutier was the father of Zacharie Cloutier. Little has been written about Denis since record keeping was not carried out in France in the !6th Century. According to the researcher Madame Pierre Montagne, it appears Zacharie was born to Denis Cloutier and Renee Briere prior to the keeping of records at the St. Jean Baptiste parish church. The union of father Denis and Renee Briere produced six children prior to 1600 including Zacharie

After 1600 three more children were born the last of whom lived only for a short time. It would appear that the birth and death of her last child proved too much for Renee since she herself passed away two monts after her baby died, but father Denis was not yet finished. Within the year he was remarried to Jeanne Rahit (Gaultier) Gauthier and from this marriage four more children were born three of whom lived.

( Ref: Zoltvany Y.F. "The French Tradition in America" Harper and Row P.4}

The Children of Denis Cloutier and Renee Briere

Denis Cloutier, born 1565 in Mortagne Au Perche, Orne, France, died March 2nd. 1633, St. Jean Parish, Mortagne, Au Perche, France.


          Renee Briere, born 1570, France, died May 1st. 1608, St. Jean Parish, Mortagne Au Perche, France.

          Of all of the children of Denis Cloutier, Zacharie is the only one to have come to Canada. Hence and for this reason any Cloutiers in North America are therefore descendants of this man. Thus all Cloutiers, Clutcheys Clucheys and Cluckeys are of the same family. Any of those families who have changed their name to Nailer can likewise be included.

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