A Summary OF


. 1590  -  2003

This Summary is divided into two parts. PART ONE is a condensed version of the Cloutier - Clutchey line of Descendancy. PART 2 is much more detailed description of each Generation showing many of the family units

                                                                         PART ONE

 Generation One:         Zacharie Cloutier I and Xainte Dupont

Generation Two:         Zacharie Cloutier II and Madeleine Esmert (Emard)

Generation Three:        Rene Cloutier and Marie-Elizabeth Leblanc

Generation Four:         Joseph Cloutier and Mie-Therese Boiry

Generation Five:         Michel-Pierre Cloutier and Mie-Angelique Thibault and Catherine Paquet

Generation Six:         Pierre Cloutier and Felicite Tremblay

Generation Seven:     Jean Francois Cloutier and Charlotte Salois

Generation Eight:      Joseph Cloutier ( Clutchey) and Mary Jane Gerow

Generation Nine:      David Clutchey I and Cassie Steele

Generation Ten:       David Clutchey II and Elizabeth Dawson Breen

Generation Eleven:   David Clutchey III and Lynda Holzer

                                                        PART TWO


The writer acknowledges the work of J. Roger Cloutier whose family history entitled " Histoire des Cloutier" (Ligne de Roger Cloutier et de sa Famille) a private edition published in 1995,at McMasterville Quebec, has been the source of some of the work below.

Denis Cloutier and Rene Briere

Not a great a deal is known of Denis and Rene the parents of Zacharie Cloutier who came to Canada and is the patriarch of all Cloutiers, Clutcheys, Clucheys and many Clukeys and Clukys

Denis and Rene had at least nine children of whom Zacharie was the oldest. Rene died in 1608 and was buried in the parish of St.- Jean de Mortagne May 1st of that year. Denis remarried on the 3rd of November 1608 to Jeanne Rahir Gauthier and four additional children were born. Leonard in 1609, Denis in 1612 and twins Pierre and Michelle in 1613. Denis Cloutier Sr. had a brother Raoullin who married Martine Laigneau.

No other members of the Cloutier family came to Canada except those family members of Zacharie whose line is noted below.

Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont

Zacharie Cloutier was born around 1590 at Mortagne au Perche France. On July 18,1616 he married Xainte Dupont. the family emigrated to Canada in 1634. They had five children of whom Zacharie II, the first child is our direct ancestor. Zacharie I died Sept. 17th 1677 age 87. Both Zacharie and Xainte are buried in Chateau Richer, Quebec.

To the right is a copy of the marriage certificate of Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont. The copy certified by the mayor of Mortagne Sept 20 199 ( see far right ) was obtained by Duane and Pat Huckell and sent to Dave Clutchey

The children of Zacharie Cloutier and Sainte Dupont

          Born in France and baptized on the 16th of August, 1617 at Mortagne au Perche,