Jack Sterling
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Naples on the Gulf, Florida

Photographer Jack Sterling arrived in Naples in ' 72.
He had lived all his life in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
He was sick of snow and gloomy weather.
Jack Sterling is still in sunny Naples. He does not intend to leave anytime soon!

Here are but a few of his favorite "shots" made during the last 40 years... he hopes you will enjoy them as much as he enjoyed making them. Naples is noted for beaches and spectacular sunsets such as these.

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"Naples Fishing Pier"

The pier originally accommodated boats bringing mail, freight, and passengers to the town before roads were built. Damaged during several hurricanes, it has been rebuilt close to its original design: 1,200 feet long, it now serves as a fishing platform and a promenade for the locals and tourists who come to watch the sunset.
"Thunder Storm over the Gulf"

This scene is typical during the months of July, August, and September about sunset. Storms which have visited the City during the afternoon drift Westward into the Gulf and dissipate during the night.
"Horse Latitudes"

A late afternoon calm. The perfect time to find a secluded bay, drop the hook, lay back, and enjoy a cool refreshing beverage and a delightful dinner of freshly caught fish.

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