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 AIRCANADA                WESTJET is Epic airlines
Harbour Air to victoria/nanaimo

WestcoastAir: fly to vic/whistler from dt vanc

HeliJet to vict/nan abt $155 one

harbour air seaplanes to victoria ($99 one way) flights to terrace, bella coola, trail, port hardy etc.

Air Transat      BritishAirways  Sunwing 
BUDGETAIR  aeromexico        HKexpress        flycapeair  

continental       DELTA
 Lufthunsa      JAL                       
NWA /KLM    swair  US Air               United   

OTHER airlines

airtran    AirFrance   americawest 
JetBlue  Spirit             OPENJET    Frontier Airlines

Camping in BC  Travel BC camping 

BC parks    BC Reservations avl.chinook

TD (expedia); or for flights to london etc.

 60 Travel suppliers

ORBITZ  budgetair

list of low fare airlines by city

Expedia  trivago  agoda

travelocity-last minute packages

Priceline-   A great place to name your own ticket price.


Travel - Search by airlines/dateFreighter travel (Australia travel)

iexplore///////// (coquitlam discounts)

HOTELS generally
hotels       Best Western      Marriott            Hilton 

Hotels in Whistler/Squamish:
Executive Suites Squamish

Coast blackcomb suites
the coast-all hotels
  whistlerblackcomb   hotels as a group

Nelson: Best Western (115); Prestige (129); Alpine inn (69)  Hume hotel (89); kastlerock bb (250 505 /4302/1161(99); stanley house bb(109) mistiso(90);  MountainHound Inn (69)  ///// //// BLOG/website///// 

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Aspen University Library Meeting Room___


email for   USU Meeting Room
USU D2L library corner-

USU Library Meeting Room  
USU Old Library

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ASU meeting rooms

Staff meetings
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VenueGen for ASU  Roundcube: thevirtuallibrarian@  VoiceThread-no link yet

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The Young Americans or



Valley College
Reference email: email:


CLIENTLINKS         techsmith:          surveymonkey 

Our meeting room
Adobe Connect ADMIN entry 100 users

check for ebooks:
  ebsco :    GVRL (Gale) :    ebrary (PQ);  abc-clio; amazon  worldcat        ECM Selector Form            Dissertations    BIP in LIRN   booklist online  science tech ref books
list of search engines and db            GALE LIST OF CHANGES

Choice Reviews Online Costs but some are free.      OA list at highwire at stanford

Check for serials info

Wells College                Bealls List of disreputable journals:

eJournals open source       Journal world rankings

11 agencies to eventually participate

yahoo: vcolibrarian and vcolibrarians  phone area codes

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voice thread health

Keep and share documents  Meeting Wizard :

Elluminate: melodiehainsworth     vimeo for video uploads for melody@naples

Netflix        COQ SilverCity      Naples Daily News
  MexicoNewsdaily Yucatan


Globe & Mail    Calgary Herald  Victoria news

Buy/Read an eBook (avirtuallibrarian)


Jacquie Lawson cards:

bookmanager national: tracks independent bookstore sales.


///  Air Miles/////////  tiaa-cref////////////TD  ///////     
TD Travel /// ////// sunlife //////// MYehealth  /////CIBC

CRALogin    ///                                      /lifelabs
MySCanadalogin        MySSA        itunes


Webcams in places

1 (9 hours ahead of Vanc-Kruger Forum


Mt Everest webcam

Vancouver group sending donations to support Okaseni Tanzania:

2-6 weeks

Room to Read: John Wood literacy and libraries feb 2013 in Tanz
costs about $3000 plus air

costs about $2000 plus air
supplies boxes of african published books to schools

work with scientists on environmental and educ projects, up to $4000 orphanage in nkuhungu near dodoma amanda insley and kate; chelsea Maier

chris and catriano harker

brainybetty for images




sacs  Fl dept of Ed CIE  acics  accsct

all accred in U. S.

NCES stats on colleges/university

AASCU: Indiana public

NCES comparing libraries__


money conversion///Custom House  

Information Research Journal;

Webcast BC Court of Appeal
Courtcases   NASA
Open Librar
Canadian Atlas Online

HR Block      craig's list          postal code lookup

1911 Census of Canada (homeowner maintenance ideas)


mars images 3D

ISS is where?///or here here it is newest one



Florida State U  email login
library school


Simon Fraser


Friedrich Hayek: economist 1945 article The Use of knowledge in Society and 1988 book The Fatal Conceit: that the variety of needs that we have cannot be met unless we rely on the knowledge that is dispersed in society. In other words, no none person has all the information necessary at any given time or place to meet our needs on a daily basis.




The Law Guru

N.Criminal Justice

U.Chicago Law List

Judicial Journal - Lang. in the Jud. process.
Center for State Courts

Federal Judge -Legal Scholarship & Fed. Courts


google mediatools

Chamber of Commerce 

BC PARKS reservations


Open Table Reservations Chin00k

Ballet BC for same day discount theatre tickets

evergreen cultural centre (hip hip spots)

museums convention center events

OLD:  we are members #29144 got Paris and Matigne here
now moved to homeforexchange  ID78166

homeholidays -found our Venice here

owner direct found Phuket here small apts and condos)  joined #4620

Our Home

Holiday Exchange; Phuket; casuarina shores (international home exchange) based and Australia)
rent rooms NY and vanc and ?

rentmix pulls many holiday rental agencies onto one page. europe and others



Info Seeking Page

Information Research




Information Seeking and Recruitment of Volunteers 2009 - speech and powerpoint for Community Volunteer Services
The Convergence of the Four C's and their Effect on the Information Professional in the Next Millennium. - A Speech given at the College of Information to the MLIS Graduating Class Convocation at Florida State University
So Sue Me, Please - A speech given at the American Library Association for the American Library Trustees Association  Conference


Naples Free Net Intro Movie as .mpg

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