Appendix 3

Our Cardinal Rules

Copyright © 2002, 2007 by Martin S. Reff
All Rights Reserved

  1. In the evening after dinner when you're tired and really don't want to walk, then a walk is imperative.
  2. If you speak English to someone, speak slowly, the way you would want that person to speak French to you.
  3. Blend into the populace: wear appropriate clothing, carry appropriate articles, speak softly. When addressing a person, use the French language as much as possible, at least initially.
  4. Avoid going into a poor area or a problem area. Avoid unfamiliar areas if there are few people.
  5. Approach a person with a smile.
  6. Avoid places frequented by tourists,
  7. Never go into a restaurant that is empty unless you know it from previous experience.
  8. Carry two one or two coins to for toilets.
  9. Carry some small bills; people don't like to change large bills.
  10. Remember that bathrooms in cafés are almost downstairs
  11. Since pickpockets abound in métros and buses, on escalators, and in crowds generally - all of which you can't avoid, - your wallet should contain enough money for the day, métro tickets, and a copy of your driver's license or the first page of your passport. If you want to carry a credit card, carry it in a body money belt or a zippered compartment.