Visit or Stay
in Paris

Although most of what you'll read was written between 1988 and 2001, almost all of the facts have been updated. The truth, though, is that Paris hasn't changed much since I arrived on a train in the fall of 1950, staying until 1952. A short visit followed many years later in 1967. The real dream, though, began when my wife and I lived aboard our boat, cruising occasionally but mostly moored in Paris for almost 5 years, returning to the States in 1992. Still longing for that city and its way of life, we rented an apartment for three months in 2001. Finally, our most recent trip was for a month in October-November 2004. What you will read then about Paris and the French is based not on a tourist's glance, but on a lover's knowledge.

The index with more than 100 links to Ninety Days in Paris, the full- length book that is on this site about our 3 months visit in 2001, is a key for the curious. Click Index.

A "Table of Contents" with 60 links to Letters Home 1987-1992, a 300 page volume here on this site, is a real treat. Click Letters.

Three appendices from Ninety Days in Paris offer special information: