Letters Home

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Between December, 1987 and the spring of 1992, Marcia and I wrote home to our relatives and friends. Initially, we used an old second-hand typewriter we bought before we left. When we first started, there was no order to whom we wrote. Later, we would write one letter and make copies which we would send home. When we arrived in Paris late in l988, we bought a better second hand machine and used seven or eight sheets of carbon paper for general letters. In 1991 we began to use a computer.

We sometimes shared the letter writing although Marcia wrote most of them. I tried to be "arty" and sometimes succeeded. You'll find some of my writing in her letters and some of hers in mine.

At the beginning you'll find some repetition because we hadn't begun writing the one general letter to all until later. And her writing improved as we progressed.

The letters are organized by year. I've also set up an Table of Contents so if you want to read something special you can get to it quickly with an automatic link.

I tried to omit the last names of people we've met.

              Martin (and Marcia)