Why don't you live a dream?

Cruising or living aboard on European canals is the stuff of a dream. These canal systems are vast and intricate, offering a world like no other. You're free to tie up practically anywhere or anchor on small lakes, visit the towns, use the swimming pools and tennis courts, fish in the streams, buy the freshest of foods and, if you stick with open markets and ordinary restaurants, the cost of living is considerably less than it is in the States.

You will meet and become friends with boat people from the world over and you will find Europeans, especially the Dutch and French, warm and welcoming as long as you approach with a smile and a few words or phrases of their own language.

What my wife, Marcia, and I did more than a decade ago is being done today on those very same canals and in cities, like Paris. Information contained in pages and section below has been updated to March 2008.

This section consists of four parts. I suggest you read them in order.

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