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Unit: A Company, 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division (Airborne).

With Unit: From 1 August 1967 To 29 November 1968.

Unit Based At: Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I deployed as a member of the advance party, TDY to the 56th Transportation Company (Direct Support), APO San Francisco 96307 (Saigon), on 27 November 1967 to assemble our units 25 UH-1H helicopters. I rejoined the unit at Bien Hoa Air Base around 9 December 1967. Shortly after Tet began, I departed for Hue Phu Bai where we initially set-up with a Seabee Battalion. From that location we occupied Los Banos DZ, later to be called Camp Eagle, in Thua Thien Provence.

Permanent moves to (and dates): Bien Hoa (29 Nov 1967); Hue Phu Bai (8 Mar 1968), and Camp Eagle (18 Mar 1968).

Areas in which unit operated: I and III CTZ.

Ground unit mainly supported by this unit: 3rd Brigade. (Dak To Highlands--2/506 Inf, Phong Dien--1/506th Inf, and Ta Bat--1/506th Inf).

Types of aircraft in the unit: We initially had 25 UH-1H helicopters. After relocating to Camp Eagle, I obtained an OH-23G helicopter to chase parts and we picked-up six UH-1M helicopters. We later assumed maintenance responsibility for four OH-6A and two OH-23D helicopters assigned to Battalion headquarters.

Types of aircraft I flew: OH-23D/G; OH-6A, and UH-1C/H.

Number of hours I flew this tour: 658.

My call sign (unit call sign): Knob Dicker (Eagle).

Decorations received this tour (and dates): DFC (9 Aug 1968); BS (1OLC, 28 Nov 1968); PH (9 Aug 1968); ARCOM (1OLC, 28 Nov 1968), and AM w/(1-10th OLC).

Battles in which this unit participated (supported): Carentan II (1 Apr 1968-17 May 1968); Delaware/Lam Son 216 (19 Apr-17 May 1968), and Nevada Eagle (17 May 1968 until the time I left.).

Special Operations: Long Range Patrol insertions.

Interesting information--or clerical incompetence:

2 Dec 67 Unit Address: Company A, 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, APO San Francisco 96383.

13 Mar 68 Unit Address: Company A (Air Mobile), 101st Aviation Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, APO San Francisco 96383.

17 Sep 68 Company A, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion, 101st Air Calvary Division, APO San Francisco 96383.

9 Oct 68 Company A, 101st Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter), 101st Airborne Division (Airmoble), APO San Francisco 96383.

Other point of interest: On 10 Mar 1968 we came under MACV Forward as an element of XXIV Corps; 22 Jul 68 We came under the 160th Aviation Group.

The unit participated in the following:

--Vietnam Counter Offensive--III/IV/V/VI.

--Tet Counter Offensive.