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Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras

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The Dive Sites at Casitas del Suenio and 

Jack Neil Beach Community

All dives sites at Jack Neil Beach are shore dives and easily accessible from the beach, making this location the ideal teaching site for new dive students! 


This location is part of the 25 best dives sites in Utila




Diving, diving, diving everywhere!!







Right at our most beautiful beach!!


"Its white sandy beaches, makes this site exotic both in and out of the water. The beach which is next to the dock, is used for Confined Water Training Sessions and not one but many dive students have been surprised by the appearance of the Souther Star Gazer. From this area students can follow the sand to a deeper depth while observing Caribbean Reef Squid passing by in their formation. For the more experienced diver this site has a fringing reef wall that goes down from 15 to 50 ft where its meets the sandy bottom and descends to about 90 ft"

Albino, brown and orange Sea Horses are found in this site!!


"The Big Rock"

"Named after the big rocks seen on the beach (Ours!). Typical of Utila's south side: ideal beaches for confined open water classes. The sand patches  stretch from the beach as far down as 100+ft. The bouys are situated on the reef wall at 20ft which runs parallel to the coast. The wall starts at 15ft and goes down to about 50ft. Following the reef wall to the west a diver will find coral head (70ft) where a Spotted Moray can be seen. Spiny Lobster and Porcupine Fish visit the area also! Cruising the reef to the east its possible to see Red Tubes Sponges, Vase Sponges and Pilar Corals and the ocassional turtles!



Similar to the sites above, you will also find Garden Eels, Queen Conch crawling across the sand, Tube and Base sponges and if listen carefully you will hear the croak of the elusive Toad Fish!



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